Here are some books I recommend.  See below for other sites that have great recommended books and commentaries.

Atlanta Road Alliance Church – Recommended Books

Other sites with great lists:

Desiring God (John Piper) Book Recommendations

Desiring God Recommendations on Commentaries

Desiring God Recommendations on Journals/Magazines

9Marks Reading List (Great list for pastors, and for church members too!)

Capitol Hill Baptist Church list (Mark Dever’s church. Great list of biographies in this one)

The Gospel Coalition (big long list)


6 Responses to “On Books to Read”

  1. yhoshua Says:

    Long, extensive list…Good Stuff!!

  2. Jon Wymer Says:

    You are an Alliance pastor? 🙂

  3. 1031toglory Says:

    Yes, I am an Alliance pastor. Atlanta Road Alliance Church. I see that you are one as well! Great stuff!

  4. grethen Says:

    well done and useful content 🙂

  5. ALICE BROWN Says:

    I was told you had commentary on the book “The Shack”?? Recently was recommended as good reading?? Perhaps it’s on here and I”m overlooking it??

    1. 1031toglory Says:

      Hi Alice! The review on the book “The Shack” is done by Tim Challies. I posted his review at the link below. It also has a link to Tim Challies review.
      If the link doesn’t work (copy and paste it in your browser) then just do a search on my blog for “The Shack”. In short, it is not a book that I recommend. Please read the review as I think it’s conducted in all fairness. Thanks!

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