John Calvin

calvin_bdaycakeOkay, it’s two days away, but I figured I’d post it now when I had the time.  Whether you like him or not, John Calvin has had a huge impact in Christianity (and still does to this day), as well as in America’s founding principles too.  If you haven’t read anything by John Calvin… please do!  Avoid the stereotypes and actually read the work by this man.  I believe your eyes will be opened to the wonders and glory of God revealed in creation, His Word, and ultimately in Jesus Christ.

In the meantime, check out the video below regarding “Why is Calvin so controversial?”  And you can check out what is happening at the Calvin 500th conference over here where it is being live-blogged from Geneva. (there are some good photos too.)  And… if you want to check out some good articles on Calvin’s impact on Christianity check out TableTalk magazine.


Below are a series of video posts from Desiring God Ministries answering the question “What can we gain from Calvin today?”  His 500th anniversary birthday is coming up, and Desiring God Ministries is putting on a conference called “With Calvin in the Theater of God

Mark Talbot

We can gain an awareness that the best theology comes from ministering to people.

Sam Storms

We can gain a deep appreciation for the Lord’s Supper.

John Piper

We can gain an orientation on the majesty and holiness of God.

Doug Wilson

We can gain a rock solid, absolute confidence in the Bible.

 Marvin Olasky

We can gain an understanding that it’s important to write clearly without losing depth.

Since the year 2009 is John Calvin’s 500th Anniversary (born July 10, 1509), I’ve decided to do some reading of his books.  He really is a man that is often misunderstood and stereo-typed in Christian circles.  Anyhow, I’ve decided to read a short book called Truth for All Time (also because he wrote it at the age of 29, the same age as myself) and I highly recommend it as an introduction to Calvin and his writings.  Here is what the publisher wrote concerning the book…

John Calvin knew that if the biblical truths rediscovered at the Reformation were to spread throughout the world, they would have to be presented in a form that ordinary people could understand. So, during the winter of 1536-37, the 29-year old Calvin wrote, in French, his Brief Outline of the Christian Faith.

You can order the book here.

And you can find out more about Calvin’s 500th Anniversary here.

Courtesy of Tony Reinke who writes at Miscellanies … by the way, they’re closing down the Starbucks in our area… stinks, since it was a great place to take my daughters out on dates… time to find a new spot!

John Piper writes on the glory of preaching the Bible in light of John Calvin’s birthday today.  He also quotes T. H. L. Parker’s 1975 biography on John Calvin.