Very thorough post by the Resurgence on the origins of Halloween and good advice in helping you decide how you should respond as a Christian to this nationwide event.  Here’s a quote from the article…

Halloween has an uneasy history with the church; Christians have not always been sure what to do with a holiday of apparently pagan origins. Is Halloween unredeemable, such that any Christian participating in the holiday will necessarily compromise their faith? Is it something Christians can participate in as a cultural celebration with no religious ramifications? Or is there the opportunity for Christians to emphasize certain aspects of our own faith within the holiday?

Read the whole article here.


John R.W. Stott, at the age of 90, went to be home with the Lord today.  If you don’t know who he is, then you should read Justin Taylor’s brief, yet honoring, post commemorating his life.

Collin Hanson writes an excellent article (“Anxious Nation, Trustworthy Savior“) in light of recent events concerning the death of Osama bin Laden, the U.S., truth, and the Savior.  Well worth your time to read and right interpretation of recent events and the times we live in.

Read the whole thing here.

Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer in NYC, will be blogging a couple of posts expanding on an introduction he has been slated to write to Martyn Lloyd-Jones re-issue of the classic, Preaching & Preachers.

He writes,

I recently was asked to write a short essay on D.M. Lloyd-Jones’ book of lectures Preaching and Preachers which Zondervan is slated to re-issue in 2012. This afforded me an opportunity to re-read the book and to discover that I had been more helped and shaped by it than I had remembered. Most of what I discovered would not fit in the essay and so I decided to spread a bit more of it out in some blog posts.

The first thing that struck me was how this nearly 70 year old Welsh minister (called “the Doctor” by his followers), lecturing in 1969, could have anticipated and addressed so many of the questions surrounding preaching that we are wrestling with in our own culture today.

Read the whole thing here.

If you’re going to see the new “old” movie True Grit, you might want to read this article by Stanley Fish from the NY Times as a backdrop to your viewing… there are no spoilers, so don’t worry!

Justin Taylor has a very articulate response to Andree Seu (writer for WORLD mag) and what she recently wrote on the blogosphere concerning Glenn Beck. 

Not to exaggerate, but reading Andrée Seu’s latest article felt a bit like a punch in the gut. She is one of my favorite writers at World Magazine. She writes with skill, grace, wisdom, and spiritual insight.

But now she is saying that she is convinced Glenn Beck is “a new creation in Christ,” even though he is a practicing and believing Mormon.

It’s tragic that she would believe this, write this, and that World would publish it.

A few short thoughts in response.

First, we should recognize that Andrée Seu’s conclusion is a temptation that is common to all (1 Cor. 10:13a). It is easy to hear passion and mistake it for true spiritual zeal. It is easy to be moved by talk of having faith in Jesus, without asking who the person understands Jesus to be.

Read it the whole thing here.  It’s worth it.

Also, read WORLD mag’s apology.

Tim Challies has a good post on How (And How Not) To Use Facebook For Ministry.  Check it out.

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