To me, insects are the dragons and monsters I grew up playing with as a kid.  I’m just glad God didn’t make them huge.  It would be their foot not mine that might have crushed me.  But I was crushed by the fierce reality of the glory of God while I looked at, of all things, a bunch of pill bugs in my compost the other day.

I was shoveling the compost pile to prepare my garden (I have to grow something alongside all these farmers here in Sussex County!) and a myriad of pill bugs started to appear out of the dirt.  I got down and observed small and large ones, and a centipede would slide by from time to time.  And then I remembered.  You can take a small stick, poke them, and watch them curl up in a perfect ball.  It was amazing and I worshipped God right then and there by my compost pile.  I was lost in wonder again at my God just as I did when I was a boy playing with dragons  and monsters.

Do you look at creation that way?  Does it point you  to the majesty and wonder of God?  I was reading Psalm 104 today and the entire Psalm points to the enjoyment God has over His creation.  Why would He do that?  The reason is this: God rejoices in the works of creation because they point us beyond themselves to God Himself.

And if God’s world has not caused you to enjoy Him on such a beautiful day (such as today and this past week that we’ve been having), then repent and drink deep of His glory.  Or maybe, just maybe, the world looks gray like an old black and white TV and not in color, because you haven’t come to Jesus Christ.  Come to Christ and you gain a whole new set of eyes.

And if this hasn’t caused you to ponder enough… check out N.D. Wilson’s (author of the 100 Cupboard series for children) promo video for a DVD series off of his book Notes from the Tilt-a-Whirl.  It echoes the same thing I pondered over a pill bug above…