It’s Good Friday.  The day Jesus was crucified and the day entire history and God’s revelation in Scripture that was moving to this point: Jesus’ death and resurrection.   John Piper explains how and why he has become more Christocentric in his preaching over the years, but it illustrates well the importance of this day, Good Friday.  Here’s the bullet points of his explanation:

  • The apex of God’s display of his own glory is the display of his grace.
  • God’s glorification of his grace was planned before creation.
  • God’s glorification of his grace was to happen through the Son of God, Jesus Christ.
  • From eternity the apex of God’s glorification of his grace was designed to be Christ’s crucifixion for sinners.
  • God’s glorification of his grace in the crucifixion of his Son for sinners was theultimate purpose for creating the universe.
  • Therefore God planned from eternity that the revelation of his glory would be the ultimate reason for creating the universe.

Read the whole thing here for Scripture and more explanation.

Also, read John chapters 18 and 19 to learn about what happened on this day.