Knowing God and knowing yourself… a few personal thoughts reflecting on knowing the nature and character of God and my appropriate response…

1. God is eternal (Revelation 22:13) – Knowing this frees me from  anxiety as I realize that the Lord has counted my days and is using them for His purpose.  Remembering His timelessness calms me and restrains me from a frenetic hurried pattern of life.

2. God is great (Psalm 96) – God is not small.  He is not limited.  He is majestic and no one can map out His coordinates.  Compared to the living God, what is the wisest person, the strongest athlete, the scariest enemy?  Remembering this causes me to rein in my natural arrogance and worship the great God of heaven and earth.

3. God is lovely (Psalm 90:17) – As beautiful and amazing things here on earth are, nothing can compare to His splendor and excellence, especially in the radiance of His glory in the Son, Jesus Christ.  Remembering this, lifts me from giving in to temptation to lesser things when I raise my vision on a regular basis to behold the beauty of the Lord (2 Cor. 3:18).

4. God is powerful (Psalm 93) – His strength, like His scope, is limitless.  My strength will fail.  I will inevitably and repeatedly lose the ability to control my life and create good for myself and loved ones.  It is helpful to me to know confidently about the might of God and His strength in order to lead me to humble dependence on Him.

5. God is wise (Proverbs 2) – My heart can be swayed in sinfulness to stray from God’s wisdom and admire the wisdom of the world or my own foolish “wisdom”.  Remembering this reality and nurturing the discipline of constantly reading Scripture, so that I may come into contact with His divine wisdom, will keep me from embracing folly.

6. God is holy (1 Samuel 2:2) – He has no blemish and is set apart to uphold His glory.  I am called to be holy, as He is holy (1 Peter 1:13-16).  The chief way to become holy is not to start out by following a list of rules, but to examine the Lord’s character, to know His Word, and to follow the Son.  And His church, his loving and redeemed people, are crucial to help me in learning what it means to be holy.

7. God is good (Psalm 135:3) – God’s goodness extends throughout my life.  As my heavenly Father, He does not withold His goodness.  His supreme goodness to me has been this: Himself!  This is the good news of the gospel.  What makes the good news good is God!  May I always live a thankful life in light of His goodness in saving me to know and make much of Him (Psalm 16:11).