Movies captivate us.  Personally, I like movies.  However, I know I can’t check my brain out the window and simply indulge in the popcorn and moving images before my eyes.  I need to think.  In particular, I need to think how what I’m watching measures up to what the Bible says about God, mankind, man’s problem, redemption, morality, and the like.

Enter the popular movie Eclipse.  Having run across this post, Mary Kassian sheds some light on the hit Twilight series.  These are important things to think about.  Now, some might say, “Oh, you’re just over-reacting.  That stuff in the movies never gets to me.  It doesn’t bother me.  I’m not a ‘cultural anorexic’ who legalistically avoids everything.”  Well, not to sound harsh (just trying to get to get to the point), then I think you might need to check to see if you’re on the opposite end of that pole: a cultural glutton.

To give you a taste of what she writes, here’s a piece of it below.

“It’s not surprising that young girls are falling for [Edward]. But sadly, their enthusiasm for being the leading lady in a heart-gripping romance lacks discernment. The movie grips them at such a deep emotional level that they shrug off the glaring warnings that indicate that this particular relationship is unhealthy. It’s a counterfeit version of a fairy-tale romance. It looks good and attractive on the surface, but the underlying darkness in Edward will most certainly lead to disaster for Bella. It may go well for a time, but in the end, it will kill her. She’s playing with fire, and she’s going to get burned.

Danger Signs
If Bella were my daughter, several alarm bells would be going off in my head about her relationship with Edward. I would not approve. Regardless of how ‘in love’ she felt, I would argue that this romance was not good for her, and would not end well. It would ultimately be bad and not good for her soul. There are some very clear danger signs in their relationship that I would flag.”

To find out the danger signs she assesses from the relationship, read the whole thing here.  It’s not that long.