Mike Pohlman, from the Gospel Coalition blog has found an interesting quote from slate.com.  In it’s entirety, he writes…

From Nathan Heller’s Slate.com article, “Why We Love The Shack” (June 3, 2010):

“When every publisher turned down the book in its current form, [William] Young and some friends founded their own firm, Windblown Media, to fill what they considered “a big hole” in publishing: Although there were “religious” books and “secular” books, they thought, there were no titles in the middle ground, no “spiritual” novels that cast God as a path to happiness without serving up dogma. The Shack is just that book, and its success proves not how much this country loves religion but how far from mainstream faith the nation’s aspirations have shifted (emphasis added).”

O, for The Courage to Be Protestant in our day.