I’m really excited about the new release called The Essential Edwards Collection.  I wholeheartedly believe everyone should read anything by Jonathan Edwards (not just the sermon Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God).  The man was a pastor-theologian that pointed many to the love God has for us in awakening our hearts through the gospel of Jesus Christ to make much of Him and his glory.  Of course, some of the language from the 17th century is a little difficult to read, but this recent release attempts to make it very readable for anyone interested in reading Edwards.  Here is their product blurb…

Making the life and writings of Edwards easily understood by all!  Johnathan Edwards was a colonial, philosophical preacher, and theologian. To many he stands as the preeminent theologian and thinker of the American tradition. This series of five books covers Edwards’ life and major writings opening an accessible window into the heart and mind of the pastor-theologian. They unearth the choicest treasures of Edwards’ writings and present them to lay people for discovery and personal transformation. The Essential Edwards Collection proves you do not need to be a scholar to enjoy and benefit from the writings and life from Johnathan Edwards.

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