Of course, it never snows in southern Delaware.  It blizzards.  The 2 feet of snow that plummeted Sussex County is taking quite a toll on people here.  Thanks be to God, kind neighbors of our development helped us and others out with the driveways.  Nothing like a good ‘ol tractor to do the job!  But, many others have been hit hard with downed trees and no electric.  A couple of us went out yesterday to help those within our church, especially those that are widowed without help.  But honestly speaking, as we were driving, it was quite overwhelming seeing all the help that people need.  Well, it’s Tuesday night, and we’re ready for round 2 of the Great Dig of 2010.   Of course, some may be wondering, “God, what are you doing?  Why all this snow?”  The answer:  I don’t know.  Of course, I do know that God is not a tame God.  His majestic power AND wisdom is greater than we can ever know.  But, one thing I do know is that he wants us to love our neighbor.  And I was able to meet neighbors this week that I would have never met or been able to help before!  So if it takes a blizzard… then let us love our neighbor for the glory of God in Jesus’ name… and go grab a shovel.