All churches eventually get old.  Of course, “old” can mean many things here… age of church, the building, the age of the people, etc.  A burning desire of mine and others, I hope, in our church is to raise the next generation of church members for our local church.  Kevin DeYoung has written a thoughtful blog post on this very topic.  He writes,

Reaching the next generation—whether they are outside the church or sitting there bored in your church—is easier and harder than you think.  It’s easier because you don’t have to get a degree in postmodern literary theory or go to a bunch of stupid movies.  You don’t have to say “sweet” or “bling” ” or know what LOL or IMHO means.  You don’t have to listen to…well, whatever people listen to these days.  You don’t have to be on twitter, watch The Office, or imbibe fancy coffees.  You just have to be like Jesus.  That’s it.  So the easy part is you don’t have to be with it.  The hard part is you have to be with Him.  If you walk with God and walk with people, you’ll reach the next generation.

Let me unpack that a bit.  After thinking through the question for over a year, I’ve come up five suggestions for pastors, youth workers, campus staff, and for anyone else who wants to pass the faith on to the next generation:  Grab them with passion.  Win them with love.  Hold them with holiness.  Challenge them with truth.  Amaze them with God.

He also writes,

If we are to grab the next generation with the gospel, we must grab them with passion.  And to grab them passion, we must be grabbed with it ourselves.  The world needs to see Christians burning, not with self-righteous fury at the sliding morals in our country, but with passion for God.  As Martyn Lloyd-Jones put it, “I’m not looking for someone to set the world on fire.  I want to know that if I dropped you in Thames it would sizzle.”

Read the whole thing here.