The toothpaste is out of the tube and you can’t get it back in no matter how hard you try.  That’s how I liken the topic of election when discussion around it opens up.  We discussed it at our Life Group (small group) tonight and it’s intriguing that we did as I just finished Sproul’s book Chosen by God.  First, I have to admit to any from our Life Group who are reading this post, I feel that I was being a bit arrogant tonight in regard to the doctrine election, and I apologize.  I hope you forgive me.

There have been some articles online that have been helpful when it comes to understanding the doctrine of election.  I like how Tim Keller explains it by saying that the doctrine of election is that no matter how many chances given, we will always as humans choose to be our own lord and savior.  We would never choose God unless he acts first.  Thus, God chooses to open the eyes of the hearts of some to faith in Jesus Christ and to others he does not.  This of course is a simplistic explanation of it.  I encourage you to read Sproul’s book for more detail in a very clear and direct manner.  Desirng God ministries also has a helpful article dealing with the five points of Calvinism which includes election.

Two things need to be mentioned first… 1.  I don’t think it should be a necessary requirement to someone wanting to become a member of our church.  We’ll never say, “Oh, you don’t believe in the doctrine of election so you can’t join.”  Of course, election does undergird a lot of biblical convictions of mine and I’ll be honest about them, but we would never make it a requirement for membership.  2. The study of the doctrine of election should lead to worship of our great and gracious God as revealed in the gospel.  It should be held with humility, not arrogance.  As Ephesians 1:6 always sticks out in my mind… “to the praise of the glory of his grace.”

So with that, read below a couple of the benefits of believing in the truths of election (found from the DG website.  Read the explanations here.)…

-These truths make me stand in awe of God and lead me into the depth of true God-centered worship.

-These truths make me marvel at my own salvation.

-These truths make me see everything in the light of God’s sovereign purposes – that from him and through him and to him are all things, to him be glory forever and ever.

-These truths make me hopeful that God has the will, the right, and the power to answer prayer that people be changed.

-These truths reminds me that evangelism is absolutely essential for people to come to Christ and be saved, and that there is great hope for success in leading people to faith, but that conversion is not finally dependent on me or limited by the hardness of the unbeliever.

-These truths make me sure that God will triumph in the end.