One thing that concerns me at our local church, as well as others across the nation, is the lack of understanding of what church membership actually is and why it’s important to the Christian just attending a local church.  Personally, while it may not be practical or realistic, I want to see every church attender at our church become members.  This motivation, of course, stems from a biblically-driven conviction of the importance of membership to the local church.

And Kevin DeYoung, author of Why We Love the Church, has a great post on his blog on why membership matters.  Here are his main points below on why membership matters, but please read the whole thing here.

1. In joining a church you make visible your commitment to Christ and his people.

2. Making a commitment makes a powerful statement in a low-commitment culture.

3. We can be overly independent.

4. Church membership keeps us accountable.

5. Joining the church will help your pastor and elders be more faithful shepherds.

6. Joining the church gives you an opportunity to make promises.