There is a great post by Voddie Baucham (author of Family-Driven Faith) who compares the two acceptance speeches of David Robinson and Michael Jordan into the NBA Hall of Fame.  One praises others, while the other praises himself.  Here’s a sample of the post…

“There was a stark difference between the two acceptance speeches.  As I listened to the two speeches, all I could think of was the old commercial catchphrase, “Like Mike… If I could be like Mike.”  Unfortunately, in this instance, Mike was the last person anyone should aspire to be like.  This was definitely not a Michael Jordan highlight.  Jordan’s Speech was self-centered, indulgent, arrogant, and at times embarrassing.  In contrast, David Robinson rose to the occasion and made a brief, inspiring, encouraging speech (see his speech here) that made his family, his team, and his friends proud.”

Read the whole thing here.