The family and I recently came back from our summer vacation in Ocracoke Island, NC.  We had a great time and it was very relaxing… We love the beach!  To sum up the island, it’s like a colonial Williamsburg meets the beach and sleepy fisherman village with a bit of a bohemian touch for flavor.   Plus, lots of Blackbeard pirate lore abounds, as it was Edward Teach’s, aka Blackbeard, hideout and last stand.

Of course, since we went to the beach everyday, and in between playing with the kids on the beach, I brought some reading to do.  I finished two books.  Since this was a “pirate” kind of place that we were going to, I brought Treasure Island with me to read.  Can you believe I have never read it before?  Not even for school reading!  It was a great book to read as the many descriptions of the island from the book matched where we were.  I think G.K. Chesterton summarized it well concerning Treasure Island when he wrote:

“And the finest and most peculiar work of Stevenson is rather that he was the first writer to treat seriously and poetically the aesthetic instincts of the boy.  He celebrated teh toy gun rather than the rattle… In the whole scene there is only one book which is at once literature, like Hans Anderson, and yet a book for boys and for children, and its name is Treasure Island.”

If you have a son, have him read the book.  It’s a delight.  If you’re an adult, read it anyway!

The other book I finished reading was the Prodigal God written by Tim Keller.  It is an excellent book and one that I wish every member of our church would read.  It will renew your love for Jesus and send sunlight on the glorious truths of the gospel.  Read it.