I’m reading Lectures to My Students by C.H. Spurgeon (one of my “dead” heroes of the faith) which contains a series of lectures that Spurgeon gave to young ministers.  It has excellent stuff for those within pastoral ministry by the prince of preachers.

A particular section that I was reading this morning caught my eye and made me laugh.  Spurgeon always had a great sense of humor, yet a sense of earnestness and urgency when it came to the gospel.  I think this paragraph captures both well…

Above all we must show our zeal for the truth by continually, in season and out of season, endeavouring to maintain it in the tenderest and most loving manner, but still very earnestly and firmly.  We must not talk to our congregations as if we are half asleep.  Our preaching must not be articulate snoring.  There must be power, life, energy, vigour.  We must throw our whole selves into it, and show that the zeal of God’s house has eaten us up.

Excellent advice and admonition to us ministers… and I can’t get over the line that “Our preaching must not be articulate snoring”!  Makes me chuckle!