John Piper at DesiringGod writes an interesting post concerning an article that appeared in First Things called “The Death of Protestant America.”   He notes a few observations related to the bold statement why its being said and then asks the question “What happened?”  He quotes the writers conclusion,

“The churches’ desperate hunger to mean more in politics and economics had the perverse effect of making them less effective opponents of the political and economic pressures on the nation. They mattered more when they wanted to matter less.”

Then John Piper rightly concludes with this exhortation,

“I pray that the younger evangelicals who are pondering where to put their energies will learn from history that doctrinal accommodation brings larger audiences in the short run but death and irrelevance in the long run.  And God forbid that any should say with Hezekiah: Who cares if the death comes in 80 years as long as I have crowds and influence in my day (2 Kings 20:19).”

Also, might I encourage you to add to your library the book by David Wells called The Courage to Be Protestant.