While Michael Phelps’ incredible feat for Olympic gold has been dominating sports news, there is an another story worthy keeping on your radar.  A story like Ryan Hall, who at age 25 is already the fastest American born marathoner and the favorite for U.S. gold.  What makes him the modern-day Chariots of Fire runner is the story concerning his faith in Christ.

After going through painful dissapointment at having missed the U.S. Olympic trials due to injury in 2004, Hall decided to train and compete in a different way in light of the lessons he learned.  He has spoken candidly about the tension in keeping his running in perspective as a means to worship and not the end.

As quoted in the recent WORLD magazine, he says, “Now as I prepare for my first Olympic trials, I feel God calling me to run free, to run free from having to make the team, free from the worries of needing to prove myself, free from the riches of this world, free to run with a heart full of passion and praise for God, free to pour myself out for Him, not for me.”

Ryan Hall will be competing on August 23.  Be sure to check your local listings for times.