Baseball has officially started, and Times sportswriter Murray Chass is calling the balk.  Marvin Olasky writes in the latest issue of WORLD magazine that “Chass is crusading against voluntary Baseball Chapel service in major league locker rooms on Sunday mornings.  He’s equally upset with ‘faith nights’ that typically feature a Christian music concert following a game, with players testifying to their belief in Jesus.”

Interestingly, Chass thinks he can hit a homerun by batting with the U.S. Consitution.  Olasky quotes Chass as saying that since the Constitution “provides for separation of church and state” those within baseball’s executive committe should carry forth with  a “separation of church and baseball.”

Olasky fields back with “What about the separation of sportswriters and any understanding of the First Amendment?  The amendment kept Congress from ‘establishing’–giving official preference to–any religion.  By prohibiting an official government-backed religion it created freedom for religious expression of all kinds, including Islam, today.”